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We ask that you sign this petition so that DCC halt the tender process for the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Smithfield, Dublin and take stock of a better direction than leasing it to a private developer. We have waited many years for the moment where Dublin gets a credible retail food market and we are very concerned that this will be impeded by this private tender process. We want Dublin’s iconic Fruit and Vegetable Market to stay public and be a market for all of the people of Dublin. 


I the undersigned request Dublin City Council to 


  • Halt the tender of the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Smithfield. 

  • Finance and run the market as a public municipal market.

  • Conduct this process with full transparency and with a public consultation process. 


In addition to signing this petition would you please consider emailing your local councilors and asking if they will support an emergency motion to halt the tender. The contact details are on this website.

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